Pairing the right drink with seafood can transform a good meal into an extraordinary culinary experience. Whether you’re enjoying a simple grilled fish or indulging in a decadent seafood platter, the perfect beverage can elevate your dish by enhancing its flavors and textures. This guide will walk you through the essentials of pairing seafood with wines, beers, and cocktails, ensuring that every bite is as delightful as the last.

The Basics of Seafood and Drink Pairing

Understanding the basic flavor profiles of seafood is crucial in selecting the right beverage. Generally, seafood can be categorized by its richness and texture, ranging from light and flaky fish to rich and creamy shellfish. The pairing principle is simple: aim to match the intensity of the food with the drink, ensuring one does not overpower the other.

Pairing Wine with Seafood

Light Fish: Delicate fish like tilapia, flounder, and sole pair wonderfully with light white wines. Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc are excellent choices as their crisp and fresh flavors complement the subtlety of the fish without overwhelming it.

Rich Fish: For oilier, richer fish such as salmon or tuna, opt for fuller-bodied whites like Chardonnay or Viognier. These wines balance the richness of the fish with their robust flavors and creamy textures.

Shellfish: When it comes to shellfish like oysters, clams, and mussels, nothing beats a glass of sparkling wine. Prosecco or Champagne not only adds a touch of elegance but the bubbles and crispness cut through the seafood’s richness, enhancing its natural flavors.

Beer and Seafood Combinations

Ale with Fried Seafood: The caramel notes of ales, such as amber or brown ale, complement the golden fried crust of fish and chips or battered shrimp, balancing the greasiness with their sweet undertones.

Lagers with Grilled Seafood: The clean, crisp taste of a light lager works wonderfully with grilled seafood. The subtle char and smokiness of the grill are enhanced by the refreshing finish of the lager.

Stouts with Rich Shellfish: The deep, roasted flavors of stouts or porter beers are a surprising but excellent match for luxurious seafood like lobster or crab, offering a robust contrast to the creamy textures.

Crafting Seafood Cocktails

Citrus Cocktails for Light Seafood: A zesty margarita or a lemon-based cocktail can add a bright pop to light fish dishes, echoing the traditional squeeze of a lemon wedge that often accompanies seafood.

Herb-Infused Cocktails for Herbal Dishes: For seafood seasoned with herbs, try a cocktail that mirrors these elements. A rosemary gin fizz or a basil smash can bring out the aromatic freshness of the herbs used in the dish.

Spicy Cocktails for Bold Flavors: For spiced or blackened seafood, a cocktail with a kick, such as a Bloody Mary or a spicy jalapeño margarita, can stand up to the intensity and enhance the overall flavor profile.

Non-Alcoholic Options

Not everyone drinks alcohol, but that doesn’t mean missing out on creative pairings. Sparkling water with a twist of citrus can cleanse the palate between bites, while mild herbal teas like chamomile or mint can subtly complement the flavors of delicate seafood without overwhelming them.

Themed Seafood Dinner Ideas

Why not throw a themed dinner party centered around these pairings? Consider a Mediterranean night featuring seafood paella paired with sangria, or a summer seafood feast with various grilled fish and a selection of light beers and white wines.

Tips for Experimenting at Home

The best way to discover your favorite pairings is through experimentation. Try different combinations to see what works best for your palate. Remember, the best pairing is one that you enjoy the most, regardless of traditional guidelines.


Mastering the art of pairing drinks with seafood will surely enhance your dining experience, whether you’re hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet meal by the sea. Next time you’re planning a seafood dish, consider these pairing suggestions to elevate your meal to the next level. And if you’re dining out, don’t hesitate to ask for pairing recommendations—they might lead you to discover your new favorite combination!

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Nothing complements a sun-soaked day at the beach quite like a refreshing cocktail. Whether you prefer the buzz of alcohol or the pure taste of fruit juices, the right beverage can elevate your beach experience, making it all the more enjoyable. From tropical classics to innovative mocktails, here’s your guide to the best beach cocktails that promise to keep you cool under the summer sun.

The Art of Beach Cocktails

Beach cocktails are all about fresh, vibrant flavors that capture the essence of summer. Ingredients like tangy citrus, sweet coconut, and robust rum are staples. When preparing these drinks, focus on simplicity and portability—consider pre-mixing in large containers or using ingredients that don’t require extensive refrigeration.

Top Alcoholic Beach Cocktails

Classic Piña Colada: This quintessential beach drink blends rich coconut cream, fresh pineapple juice, and white rum. For an exotic twist, add a splash of mango or pineapple juice to introduce a new layer of tropical flavor.

Mojito: Known for its refreshing qualities, the classic Mojito requires just a few ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint. For a fruity variation, mash strawberries or cucumber with the sugar before adding the other ingredients.

Margarita: Perfect for the beach, a classic Margarita combines tequila, lime juice, and triple sec, served with a salt-rimmed glass. Experiment with watermelon or blueberry purees for a touch of summer sweetness.

Tequila Sunrise: This visually stunning drink reflects the colors of a beach sunrise with layers of orange juice, tequila, and grenadine. It’s as delightful to look at as it is to sip.

Best Non-Alcoholic Beach Drinks

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri: Enjoy the frozen delight of blended strawberries, ice, and a touch of lime juice. This mocktail is a hit for all ages, offering a sweet, slushy treat.

Peach Lemonade: Combine fresh peach slices with traditional lemonade for a drink that’s both tangy and sweet. It’s a hydrating option for those hot beach days.

Coconut Water Mojito Mocktail: Substitute rum with coconut water and mix with lime, mint, and a splash of soda. It’s hydrating and incredibly refreshing.

Tropical Fruit Punch: Mix pineapple, mango, and papaya juices with a bit of ginger ale for fizz. This punch is a colorful and delicious drink that screams beach fun.

Themed Beach Drink Ideas

Sunset Coolers: Create drinks that mimic the beautiful beach sunset. Ingredients like grenadine add vibrant red hues, while orange and pineapple juices offer golden tones, making for a perfect evening sip.

Ocean Blue Drinks: For a drink that looks like the ocean, mix non-alcoholic blue Curaçao with lemonade or a dash of sprite. It’s visually striking and deliciously refreshing.

DIY Beach Cocktail Kits

For those who enjoy crafting their drinks, a DIY beach cocktail kit can be a fun addition to your beach day. Pack a small cooler with essentials like a shaker, jigger, muddler, and a few basic ingredients. Include reusable cups and straws to keep the beach clean and your drinks enjoyable.

Enjoying Cocktails Responsibly on the Beach

While enjoying your beach cocktails, it’s important to drink responsibly, especially in public spaces. Always be mindful of local regulations regarding alcohol consumption on beaches. Moreover, prioritize environmental consciousness by using reusable containers and avoiding plastic straws.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s a tangy Tequila Sunrise or a non-alcoholic tropical punch, the right beach cocktail can make your day at the beach feel like a true getaway. Embrace the spirit of summer with these refreshing drinks, and don’t forget to mix responsibly, enjoy thoroughly, and soak up every sunny moment. Cheers to a fantastic beach day!

After a delightful day at the beach, why not continue the relaxation and refreshment at Sharkey’s? Join us to unwind with our specialty cocktails and exquisite seafood offerings as you soak in stunning oceanfront views. Whether you’re in the mood for a vibrant Mojito or a rich Piña Colada, Sharkey’s has something to enhance your beach day experience. Visit us on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and let us serve you a taste of coastal charm. We look forward to turning your day at the beach into an unforgettable evening. See you soon at Sharkey’s, where every visit feels like a getaway!

Myrtle Beach, renowned for its picturesque beaches and vibrant tourist life, harbors a hidden dimension woven into its cultural fabric—mysterious legends and eerie tales that provide a fascinating contrast to its sunny disposition. These stories, steeped in the history of the Grand Strand, add an intriguing layer to the popular destination, inviting locals and visitors alike to explore a shadowy past that whispers from beneath the waves and winds through the aged corridors of historic sites.

The Ghosts of the Grand Strand

Perhaps no tales are more chilling than those of the ghosts believed to roam the Grand Strand. The story of Alice Flagg, the tragic heroine who died of a broken heart, is a staple of local folklore. Her spirit is said to haunt the Hermitage, her family home, where visitors report strange occurrences and sightings of a ghostly figure in white. Equally compelling is the legend of the Gray Man of Pawleys Island, a spectral figure who appears on the beach to forewarn residents of impending hurricanes, saving many lives by his premonitions.

Pirate Tales and Buried Treasure

The Carolina coast, with Myrtle Beach at its heart, was once the prowling grounds of notorious pirates like Blackbeard. Legends say that Blackbeard hid his treasures in the marshes and creeks along the coast, treasures that many believe are still buried there. Another colorful figure is Drunken Jack, the pirate left behind on an island with his rum. His spirit is rumored to haunt Drunk Jack Island, where eerie sounds and ghostly apparitions stir the imaginations of those who venture near.

Mysteries of the Sea

The waters off Myrtle Beach hold their own secrets, including historic shipwrecks that divers explore, each with its own legend of lost fortunes and doomed voyages. Adding to the maritime mystique are tales of sea monsters, with accounts dating back to colonial times when sailors and fishermen spoke of serpentine creatures that lurked beneath the ocean’s surface, occasionally surfacing to the awe and terror of onlookers.

The Haunted Hotels and Buildings

Among the many haunted locales in Myrtle Beach, the Brentwood Restaurant stands out. Housed in a Victorian building, its charming exterior belies the ghost stories told by staff and patrons who have experienced unexplained phenomena, from mysterious noises to ghostly sightings. Similarly, the area around the old Pavilion, now demolished, is famed for its spectral sightings, making it a popular spot for paranormal investigations.

Unexplained Phenomena and Modern Mysteries

The skies above Myrtle Beach have not been free from mystery either. UFO sightings have been reported with surprising frequency, drawing the attention of both locals and researchers interested in the extraterrestrial. The area around Suck Bang Blow biker bar is known for the “spooklight,” a mysterious orb of light that appears at night with no apparent source, captivating those who witness it.

Folklore in Modern Culture

These legends are not just tales of the past; they actively shape the cultural landscape of Myrtle Beach today. They are celebrated during local festivals, where ghost tours and reenactments bring history to life. Artists and writers draw inspiration from these stories, creating works that resonate with the eerie beauty of these tales. Each year, new films, books, and artworks explore these themes, continuing to intrigue and entertain.

Visiting Haunted Myrtle Beach

For those eager to experience these mysterious stories firsthand, Myrtle Beach offers a range of ghost tours that explore haunted locales and recount the tales of yore. Visitors can follow guides into the night, exploring historic buildings and walking the moonlit beaches where ghosts are said to roam.

Join the Legend: Share Your Myrtle Beach Ghost Stories

We invite you to share your encounters with the supernatural in Myrtle Beach or any local legends from your own regions. Have these stories shaped your experience of Myrtle Beach? Do they add a layer of mystery to your visits? Join the conversation and tell us your tale.

Through its rich tapestry of folklore, Myrtle Beach proves to be a place where not only sun-seekers thrive but also those who seek the thrill of the unknown. Whether it’s the lure of buried treasure or the chill of a ghost story, Myrtle Beach offers a deeper story waiting to be explored.

Myrtle Beach, with its sprawling sands and vibrant community, is a testament to transformation. Once a tranquil beach town, it has morphed into one of the East Coast’s most frequented tourist havens. This article explores the journey from its humble beginnings to its present-day glory, unveiling the pivotal moments that shaped its evolution.

The Early Days of Myrtle Beach

The story of Myrtle Beach begins in the early 1900s when it was little more than a stretch of coastline known for its abundance of wax myrtle trees, lending the area its name. The serene beaches and the Atlantic’s lulling waves initially attracted a modest number of visitors, setting the stage for its future growth.

Development Milestones

As word of its beauty spread, the early 20th century saw Myrtle Beach begin to transform. The completion of the Intracoastal Waterway in the 1930s and the establishment of a railroad connection provided much-needed access, drawing more visitors and facilitating the transport of goods. The area’s first real tourism boom came with the construction of the Pavilion and the opening of the first hotels, which provided accommodations and entertainment to guests, planting the seeds for a burgeoning tourist industry.

The Post-War Boom

The post-World War II era marked a significant turning point for Myrtle Beach. Returning veterans and burgeoning families, eager to enjoy the freedoms of peacetime, flocked to the coast. This influx led to rapid population growth and a burgeoning economy centered around tourism. Attractions, shops, and eateries sprouted up, catering to an ever-increasing number of visitors and establishing tourism as the linchpin of the local economy.

Myrtle Beach Today

Today, Myrtle Beach is a kaleidoscope of attractions, from high-end golf courses and luxury resorts to family-oriented amusement parks and an aquarium. The city hosts millions of tourists annually, drawn not only to its beaches but to its rich array of cultural and recreational activities. Festivals like the Carolina Country Music Fest and events such as the Myrtle Beach Marathon showcase the city’s diverse appeal.

Impact of Tourism

Tourism has undeniably sculpted the economic landscape of Myrtle Beach. It has created countless jobs, from hospitality to retail, and has been a crucial factor in the area’s economic development. However, this growth has not come without challenges. The local community has had to adapt to the seasonal swings in population and the environmental impacts of widespread development.

Challenges and Future Outlook

As Myrtle Beach looks to the future, it faces the dual challenge of sustaining its tourist economy while mitigating environmental impacts. Issues such as coastal erosion, traffic congestion, and sustainable development are at the forefront of policy discussions. The city is actively exploring ways to balance growth with ecological and social sustainability, ensuring that Myrtle Beach remains a beloved destination for future generations.

Engaging the Community and Visitors

Myrtle Beach’s story is one of community and change. Local residents play a vital role in preserving the city’s rich history and natural beauty, participating in beach clean-ups and heritage preservation projects. Visitors are encouraged to engage with the city in a way that respects its past and contributes positively to its future, exploring beyond the beach to understand the true spirit of Myrtle Beach.


From its origins as a sleepy beach town to its status as a bustling tourist hub, Myrtle Beach has undergone a remarkable transformation. It stands as a beacon of how a small community can evolve into a thriving tourist destination without losing sight of its roots. As Myrtle Beach continues to grow and adapt, it remains a testament to the enduring allure of the coast and the spirit of its people, inviting everyone to partake in its ongoing story.

As you explore the vibrant history and attractions of Myrtle Beach, we invite you to experience the best of what this beautiful coastal city has to offer at Sharkey’s. From our signature seafood dishes to our breathtaking oceanfront views, Sharkey’s embodies the spirit and culture of Myrtle Beach. Visit our main site to discover more about our menu, make reservations, or plan your next visit. Whether you’re a longtime local or a first-time visitor, Sharkey’s looks forward to being a memorable part of your Myrtle Beach experience.

Coastal cuisine is a tapestry woven with the threads of geography, culture, and history, each strand imbued with the essence of the ocean. In regions where the land meets the sea, food is not just sustenance; it’s a narrative of the people and the environment, shaped by the rhythm of the tides and the bounty beneath the waves. This article delves into the historical influences that have crafted coastal cuisine, highlighting its evolution from traditional practices to its current incarnations, and celebrating its cultural significance.

The Roots of Coastal Cuisine

The journey of coastal cuisine in many regions begins with the indigenous populations and early settlers, whose diets were heavily reliant on the sea. Traditional fishing techniques such as line fishing, netting, and spearfishing were more than food procurement methods; they were harmonious interactions with the marine ecosystem. These methods dictated the types of seafood that featured in the local diet, leading to the development of region-specific dishes that are celebrated to this day.

For instance, the early coastal dishes often included simple, broiled seafood, seasoned with whatever local herbs were available, and sometimes paired with fruits or vegetables that grew near the shorelines. Such dishes were not only nourishing but also a reflection of the environment from which they sprung.

The Evolution of Coastal Cuisine

As communities grew and interactions increased among different cultures, coastal cuisine began to absorb influences from afar. The introduction of spices through trade routes added new flavors to traditional recipes, transforming simple seafood dishes into rich, complex culinary experiences. Technological advancements in fishing and cooking equipment also expanded the variety of seafood dishes, making techniques like deep-frying and smoking popular.

Modern interpretations of these dishes continue to evolve in restaurants like Sharkey’s, where traditional recipes are infused with contemporary techniques and global flavors, offering a modern dining experience while staying rooted in historical authenticity.

Signature Coastal Dishes and Their Stories

Each coastal region boasts signature dishes that tell stories of its history and people. In Myrtle Beach, dishes like shrimp and grits or fried catfish hold a special place in the culinary landscape. These dishes are steeped in tradition and local flavor, often passed down through generations.

Ingredients from the Sea

The types of seafood that populate coastal menus are as varied as the oceans themselves. From shellfish like oysters and clams to various kinds of fish such as snapper and mackerel, each ingredient tells a part of the region’s culinary story. Sharkey’s commitment to using locally sourced seafood not only supports the local fishing industry but also ensures that diners receive the freshest, most flavorful dishes.

Sustainability is a crucial consideration in contemporary coastal cuisine. Practices like sustainable fishing and responsible aquaculture are vital for preserving marine biodiversity and ensuring that future generations can also enjoy the gifts of the sea.

Coastal Cuisine in Festivals and Celebrations

Coastal cuisine plays a central role in local festivals and community celebrations, often serving as a focal point for gatherings. In Myrtle Beach, seafood festivals not only showcase the region’s rich array of seafood but also bring people together in celebration of shared heritage and culinary traditions.

Preserving Coastal Culinary Heritage

Educational efforts play a significant role in preserving the culinary heritage of coastal communities. Sharkey’s engages in these efforts by hosting cooking demonstrations and participating in local food expos. By educating both locals and tourists about the history and techniques of coastal cuisine, Sharkey’s helps keep the culinary traditions alive.

The Future of Coastal Cuisine

Looking forward, coastal cuisine is set to incorporate more innovative trends while facing challenges such as climate change and overfishing. The adaptability of coastal communities and restaurants like Sharkey’s will be crucial in navigating these challenges while continuing to offer culinary delights.

We invite everyone to explore the rich flavors and storied history of coastal cuisine. Whether it’s dining at Sharkey’s, participating in local food festivals, or simply cooking a traditional seafood dish at home, there’s a multitude of ways to celebrate and preserve this vibrant culinary tradition.

Myrtle Beach, known for its stunning coastline and vibrant tourist scene, offers a plethora of dining experiences that cater to every palate. Among these, oceanfront dining stands out, providing not just a meal, but a multisensory experience that touches the soul. Nestled on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, Sharkey’s epitomizes the pinnacle of oceanfront dining, blending exquisite culinary creations with breathtaking views.

The Allure of Oceanfront Dining

Dining by the ocean is not merely about eating; it’s an experience that engages all senses. The rhythmic lapping of the waves, the salty breeze, and the expansive views create a backdrop that enhances every meal. Psychologically, proximity to water can significantly reduce stress and improve mental clarity and well-being. This serene environment makes oceanfront dining in Myrtle Beach not just enjoyable but rejuvenating.

At Sharkey’s, every table offers a view of the Atlantic Ocean, turning a simple dinner into an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s witnessing the sun dipping below the horizon during a romantic dinner or feeling the morning breeze during a brunch, the setting at Sharkey’s is as much a part of the dining experience as the food itself.

Sharkey’s Unique Oceanfront Appeal

Sharkey’s boasts a prime location on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, making it a favorite among both locals and tourists. The restaurant’s design maximizes its oceanfront locale, featuring open, airy spaces and a decor that reflects the natural beauty of its surroundings. Nautical themes and tasteful maritime decor invite diners to immerse themselves fully in the coastal experience.

The ambiance at Sharkey’s is carefully curated to complement the natural setting. Outdoor seating is available to bring diners even closer to the ocean, while the gentle lighting and soft music in the evenings ensure a relaxed dining atmosphere. This attention to detail in creating the perfect ambiance has made Sharkey’s a landmark for those seeking the quintessential Myrtle Beach dining experience.

Culinary Delights at Sharkey’s

Sharkey’s is renowned for its commitment to fresh, locally sourced seafood, which is the cornerstone of its menu. Dishes are crafted to highlight the natural flavors of the ocean, with chefs focusing on simplicity and elegance. From shrimp and grits to freshly caught grouper, the menu at Sharkey’s is a testament to the rich seafood traditions of Myrtle Beach.

Signature dishes like the Sharkey’s Seafood Platter and the Grilled Mahi Mahi have become favorites, drawing praise for their flavor and presentation. The menu also adapts with the seasons, incorporating the freshest ingredients available locally. This commitment to quality ensures that every dish served is not only delicious but also a true representation of local cuisine.

Sharkey’s Role in Myrtle Beach’s Dining Scene

Sharkey’s doesn’t just serve food; it serves a cultural experience that is deeply rooted in the Myrtle Beach community. The restaurant is actively involved in the local culinary scene, participating in seafood festivals and culinary competitions. These events serve as a platform for Sharkey’s to showcase its culinary expertise while contributing to the area’s vibrant food culture.

Moreover, Sharkey’s is committed to sustainability, recognizing the importance of preserving the marine environments that are so vital to their cuisine. The restaurant works with local suppliers who adhere to responsible fishing and farming practices, ensuring that the seafood served is not only fresh but also ethically sourced.

What Makes Sharkey’s Ideal for Every Occasion

Whether it’s a casual lunch, a romantic dinner, or a special celebration, Sharkey’s offers a versatile dining experience. The restaurant’s layout and services are designed to cater to a wide range of events. Private dining options are available for those looking to host special events, with customized menus to suit every occasion.

Inviting Guests to Sharkey’s

We invite you to discover why Sharkey’s is not just a meal, but a journey that captures the essence of Myrtle Beach. Experience first-hand the exquisite blend of flavor, scenery, and ambiance that makes Sharkey’s a jewel in the crown of Myrtle Beach’s dining scene. Book your table today and transform your dining experience into an unforgettable oceanfront adventure.

Sharkey’s is more than a restaurant; it’s a destination that promises a perfect blend of culinary delight and aesthetic pleasure, making every visit memorable. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the ocean or to indulge in some of the finest seafood Myrtle Beach has to offer, Sharkey’s welcomes you to join us on this delightful culinary journey.

The Myrtle Beach area, renowned for its stunning coastlines and vibrant tourist scene, harbors a deep-seated legacy rooted in seafood. This culinary journey stretches back over centuries, shaped by the ocean’s bounty and the local community’s innovation. At Sharkey’s, we are proud to contribute to this rich history, blending traditional methods with modern culinary practices to delight every palate that walks through our doors.

The Origins of Myrtle Beach’s Seafood Industry

Seafood has been integral to Myrtle Beach since the area’s earliest days. Originally inhabited by indigenous tribes who fished the local waters, Myrtle Beach’s seafood legacy began with simple, sustainable fishing methods. These early techniques, which included line fishing and the use of small nets, were not only practical but also deeply respectful of the ocean’s resources.

As European settlers arrived and the area began to develop in the 18th and 19th centuries, the fishing industry grew. The introduction of larger nets and the construction of piers allowed for bigger hauls. These advancements helped establish Myrtle Beach not just as a recreational area but as a burgeoning hub for seafood that supplied both local and distant markets.

Key Milestones in the Evolution of Seafood Cuisine

The evolution of seafood cuisine in Myrtle Beach has been marked by both local and global influences. In the early 20th century, as Myrtle Beach became a tourist destination, the local cuisine began to reflect a more diverse palette. Seafood dishes were infused with flavors brought by visitors and new residents from various parts of the world.

One significant milestone was the introduction of Calabash-style seafood in the mid-20th century. Known for its light, fried preparations, it became synonymous with Myrtle Beach and remains a beloved style. The area also saw a rise in seafood festivals and cook-offs, which celebrated the local catch and fostered a communal spirit around seafood cuisine.

Sharkey’s Role in Preserving and Innovating Seafood Traditions

At Sharkey’s, we take immense pride in our role as custodians of Myrtle Beach’s seafood heritage. Our menu is a tribute to both the traditional and the innovative, offering dishes that are rooted in local history yet excited by contemporary flavors. We are committed to preparing seafood that respects time-honored methods while incorporating modern culinary trends such as fusion flavors and sustainable sourcing practices.

Sharkey’s also actively participates in local seafood festivals, showcasing our signature dishes and promoting Myrtle Beach’s seafood through interactive events and community engagement. This not only helps in preserving the local culinary culture but also ensures its evolution, keeping the traditions alive and relevant for new generations.

The Cultural Impact of Seafood in Myrtle Beach

The impact of seafood on Myrtle Beach’s culture cannot be overstated. For locals, seafood is more than just sustenance; it is a cornerstone of community gatherings, celebrations, and traditions. Family-owned seafood joints, many of which have been around for decades, serve as landmarks and meeting spots, fostering connections over shared meals.

At Sharkey’s, we continue this tradition by hosting seafood-centric events that bring together locals and tourists. These gatherings are not just about food; they are celebrations of Myrtle Beach’s culture and community spirit.

Sustainability and the Future

Looking forward, sustainability stands at the forefront of the seafood industry. At Sharkey’s, our commitment to sustainable practices is unwavering. We source our seafood responsibly, ensuring that our delicious dishes can be enjoyed for generations to come. We also educate our patrons about the importance of sustainability, hoping to spread awareness and encourage responsible consumption.

The future of seafood in Myrtle Beach looks promising, with innovations in aquaculture and sustainable fishing practices paving the way for a balance between tradition and environmental stewardship. Sharkey’s is excited to be a part of this future, continuing to serve as a bridge between the rich past of local seafood and its sustainable future.

Inviting Guests to Experience the Legacy

We invite you to experience the legacy of seafood at Sharkey’s. Whether it’s enjoying a classic fish dish that traces back generations or sampling innovative seafood creations that reflect modern culinary trends, Sharkey’s offers a deep dive into the flavorful history of Myrtle Beach. Try our specialties and see how we marry the old with the new, all while enjoying the scenic beauty of our oceanfront location.

Every meal at Sharkey’s is more than just dining—it’s a step into the storied culinary scene of Myrtle Beach, seasoned with history, community, and a commitment to the future. Join us for a meal and become part of this continuing story.

Coastal cuisine embodies more than just a regional diet; it represents a culinary tradition sculpted by the proximity and bounty of the sea. This cuisine features vibrant flavors that come from direct access to fresh seafood, the distinct tang of sea salt, and the nutrient-rich profiles of various seaweeds. From the chilly waters of the North Atlantic to the warm currents of the Pacific, each coastal region around the globe brings its unique flavor to the table, influenced heavily by its relationship with the ocean.

The Bounty of the Sea: Fresh Seafood

One of the most direct influences the ocean has on local cuisine is the availability of fresh seafood. Coastal communities have historically been built around fishing as a major food source and economic activity. This proximity to the ocean allows chefs and home cooks alike to incorporate fish and shellfish that are fresher and thus more flavorful and nutritious than those available inland. Dishes like the clam chowder of New England, the bouillabaisse of Provence in France, and sushi from Japan highlight how integral fresh seafood is to coastal culinary identities. Each dish not only provides a taste profile unique to its environment but also tells the story of the culture and its people.

Sea Salt: A Pinch of the Ocean

Sea salt is another gift from the ocean that significantly enhances coastal cuisine. Unlike mined salt, sea salt is harvested through the evaporation of seawater, often in large, shallow ponds along coastlines. This process imparts unique minerals and flavors found only in specific bodies of water. Gourmet salts like fleur de sel from France or Maldon sea salt from England offer subtle taste differences that can define and elevate a dish. The use of local sea salt not only adds depth to the food but also connects a meal to its geographical and cultural origins.

Seaweed: The Underwater Garden

Seaweed plays a versatile role in coastal cuisines, providing a source of intense umami flavors and a host of nutritional benefits. In Asian countries, particularly Japan, seaweed varieties like nori, kombu, and wakame are staples, used in everything from soups to sushi. In Wales, laverbread—a dish made from seaweed—is a traditional delicacy. These underwater plants are rich in iodine, calcium, and other minerals, making them a healthful addition to any diet. Modern chefs around the world are now exploring the potential of seaweed, using it in salads, stews, and even as seasoning agents.

The Ocean’s Influence on Cooking Techniques and Traditions

The influence of the ocean extends beyond ingredients to affect cooking methods and food preservation techniques. In coastal regions, grilling and steaming seafood are preferred methods that preserve the delicate flavors of fresh catch. The humid, salt-rich air can also influence food preservation processes, such as curing fish. Traditional techniques like the Hawaiian luau or New England clam bake utilize local ingredients and the natural environment, including seawater and beach sand, to cook food, highlighting a deep connection between culinary practices and the ocean.

Sustainability and the Future of Coastal Cuisine

As coastal populations grow and global fish stocks vary, sustainability in coastal cuisine becomes increasingly crucial. Overfishing and ocean pollution pose significant threats to the traditional diets of many coastal communities. Emphasizing sustainable fishing practices and responsible seafood consumption can help preserve these culinary traditions for future generations. Many coastal chefs now actively promote sustainable seafood choices, influencing both local and global markets and helping diners make environmentally friendly choices.

The Global Palette: Coastal Cuisine Around the World

Coastal cuisine, while locally distinct, shares common threads worldwide. For instance, ceviche from Peru, cured with locally sourced citrus and seafood, shares its basic culinary principle with carpaccio from Italy. These dishes, though geographically and culturally apart, underscore the universal human reliance on and respect for the sea. Such culinary cross-connections invite a broader understanding and appreciation of how oceans shape human food traditions across cultures.

Bringing Coastal Flavors Inland

For those who live away from the coast but wish to recreate the essence of the sea, modern logistics and culinary innovations make it easier than ever. Many inland restaurants now feature coastal dishes made with sustainably sourced seafood shipped under optimal conditions. Furthermore, ingredients like sea salt and dried seaweed are readily available in supermarkets worldwide, allowing home cooks to experiment with coastal flavors in their kitchens.

Sharpening our culinary practices not only honors these traditions but also ensures they endure. Encouraging sustainable practices, exploring the richness of the ocean’s bounty, and understanding the cultural significance of what we eat, help keep the legacy of coastal cuisine vibrant and vital.

Every meal, particularly those enjoyed close to the sea, is an opportunity to connect with the environment and community in a meaningful way. Whether dining on a local delicacy at a seaside restaurant or preparing a seafood feast at home with globally sourced ingredients, the flavors of the ocean offer a profound reminder of nature’s generosity and the importance of preserving it.

Imagine a dining experience where every sense is engaged, where the soundtrack is the rhythmic lull of waves, and the backdrop is a canvas of cerulean blues that stretch infinitely towards the horizon. Oceanfront dining isn’t just about the sumptuous food on your plate; it’s a holistic experience that nourishes the soul and unwinds the mind. At Sharkey’s, perched on the idyllic Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, this is not just imagined—it’s a daily reality. Here, we explore the enchanting world of oceanfront dining and uncover why it’s the quintessential recipe for relaxation.

The Allure of the Ocean

The ocean has captivated humanity since time immemorial, a symbol of the vast and unknowable, yet it also represents serenity and boundless beauty. Studies have shown that being near the sea has a profound calming effect on the brain. The gentle ebb and flow of tides, the horizon stretching beyond the reach of sight, and the intricate dance of sunlight on water work in concert to induce a meditative state in our overstimulated lives. The sound of waves alone, characterized by their natural, rhythmic consistency, can lower cortisol levels and encourage a peaceful mental state. It’s this intrinsic allure of the ocean that makes dining at the water’s edge an experience that transcends the mere act of eating.

Sharkey’s Oceanfront Ambiance

At Sharkey’s, the ambiance is an integral part of the dining experience. Situated on the bustling Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, Sharkey’s offers a tranquil oasis where the panoramic ocean views promise a feast for the eyes as much as the menu caters to your culinary cravings. The design of Sharkey’s embraces its environment; from the moment you step in, the coastal charm is palpable—nautical themes and hues of blue and sand echo the external landscape. The architecture and layout are thoughtfully designed to ensure that whether you’re seated indoors or out on the patio, the ocean is your constant companion. As the sun sets, casting a golden glow over the diners, Sharkey’s doesn’t just serve meals; it delivers an ambiance where every element is curated to complement the natural serenity of the seaside.

Sensory Symphony: Taste Meets Sight and Sound

The dining experience at Sharkey’s is a symphony of sensory delights, where each element plays a crucial role in crafting a memorable meal. The taste of fresh, expertly prepared seafood merges with the visual splendor of the Atlantic’s sprawling waters. The sound of the waves accentuates the ambiance, creating a rhythm that accompanies each course served. Sharkey’s culinary team skillfully pairs the intrinsic flavors of the ocean’s bounty with the ambiance. The sizzle of a perfectly grilled fillet, the vibrant colors of a freshly tossed salad, and the delicate aroma of seasoned dishes contribute to the multisensory dining experience. This synergy of taste, sight, and sound not only enhances the enjoyment of the meal but also solidifies Sharkey’s as a sanctuary for those seeking a dining escape by the sea.

The Relaxation Response

The therapeutic quality of an oceanfront environment is no secret, and at Sharkey’s, it is harnessed to evoke what’s known as the ‘relaxation response.’ This physiological reaction counters stress and induces a state of deep rest. As diners settle into their seats, they are greeted by the expanse of the ocean, encouraging a shift from the day’s concerns to present culinary indulgence. The act of dining by the sea allows for a natural transition into mindfulness, where the focus is solely on the flavors of the meal and the beauty of the surroundings. Families share laughter over shared appetizers, couples engage in quiet conversation, and individuals find solace in the vastness — each finding relaxation in the oceanfront dining experience that Sharkey’s masterfully provides.

The Social Side of Oceanfront Dining

While the relaxation response is a deeply personal experience, the act of dining, especially in a place like Sharkey’s, is inherently social. The restaurant’s atmosphere fosters a sense of communal joy and shared experience that is rare in our fast-paced world. Sharkey’s becomes a place where connections are made and strengthened; it’s not uncommon to see diners striking up conversations over the admiration of a sunset or the shared love for a particular dish. The oceanfront setting, with its inherent beauty and tranquility, seems to open hearts and invites storytelling, making every meal a chance to create new memories or celebrate old ones. Sharkey’s doesn’t just feed the stomach; it nurtures the human need for connection, making it an integral part of the social fabric of Myrtle Beach.

Nourishing the Body and Soul

At Sharkey’s, the commitment to nourishment extends beyond the mere satiation of hunger—it is about enriching both the body and soul. The menu is a testament to this philosophy, featuring dishes that are as nutritious as they are flavorful. The abundance of seafood offers diners a wealth of health benefits, including omega-3 fatty acids, essential for heart health and cognitive function. Each meal, from the lightest salad to the most indulgent seafood platter, is prepared with a focus on freshness and quality, ensuring that guests leave feeling physically satisfied and spiritually uplifted. The oceanfront setting adds an extra layer of soulful nourishment, reminding us of the beauty and serenity that nature offers.

Oceanfront Dining Through the Seasons at Sharkey’s

The experience of dining at Sharkey’s evolves with the seasons, each bringing its unique charm and a new perspective on the oceanfront vista. In the warmer months, the outdoor patio becomes a lively hub of activity, where diners can bask in the sun’s warmth while enjoying their meals. As autumn approaches, the changing colors of the sky and sea offer a spectacular backdrop, best enjoyed with seasonal specials that reflect the harvest. Winter turns the boardwalk into a serene, contemplative space, where Sharkey’s offers a cozy refuge from the chill, complete with hearty dishes to warm the body and spirit. Spring rejuvenates, with its promise of renewal, reflected in the menu’s fresh, vibrant flavors. No matter the season, Sharkey’s provides an ever-changing yet consistently comforting space for oceanfront dining.

Sharkey’s is not just a restaurant; it’s a destination where the joy of oceanfront dining is celebrated in every aspect, from the thoughtfully crafted menu to the breathtaking views that accompany each meal. It’s a place where the stresses of everyday life are washed away by the tide, where meals are savored, and memories are made. The unique combination of sensory delights, relaxation, and social connection makes dining at Sharkey’s an experience that feeds more than just the body—it nourishes the soul.

We invite you to experience the unparalleled joy of oceanfront dining at Sharkey’s. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil spot for contemplation, a lively venue for family gatherings, or a romantic setting for special moments, Sharkey’s promises an experience that will exceed your expectations. Visit us to discover why Sharkey’s is more than just a meal—it’s a moment captured in time, a taste of the ocean’s bounty, and a view that stays with you long after you’ve left the table. Your table awaits at Sharkey’s, where every visit is an opportunity to create lasting memories. Join us on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and let us share with you the magic of dining by the sea.

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The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk winds along the coastline like a ribbon tying together the best of beachside entertainment and culinary delights. Known for its captivating ocean views and bustling atmosphere, this beloved South Carolina landmark has long been a favorite for families seeking a blend of adventure and relaxation. At the heart of this coastal chorus is a symphony of laughter, the clinking of dining ware, and the inviting aroma of seaside cuisine — elements that define the essence of the Myrtle Beach experience.

Attractions Along the Boardwalk

Family Entertainment

The Boardwalk buzzes with family-centric attractions. The iconic SkyWheel offers breathtaking views from above, while arcades like the Fun Plaza Family Fun Center provide hours of entertainment with a nostalgic twist. Live music often fills the air, with impromptu dance floors forming under the stars.


Shopping along the Boardwalk is a delightful treasure hunt. Find everything from beach gear at the Gay Dolphin Gift Cove to unique souvenirs at the many quaint boutiques peppered along the way. These shops offer a chance to take a piece of Myrtle Beach back home.

Natural Attractions

The natural beauty of the coastline is the Boardwalk’s most stunning attraction. Families can take leisurely strolls, enjoying the ocean spray and collecting shells, or simply bask in the South Carolina sun on the sandy beaches.

Family-Friendly Activities

Water Sports

For families with a penchant for adventure, water sports vendors offer parasailing, banana boat rides, and jet skiing. These activities provide an adrenaline rush and a unique way to experience the Atlantic.

Amusement Rides

The Family Kingdom Amusement Park, with its friendly rides and classic ferris wheel, beckons families for a day of fun and laughter. The park blends the charm of an old-time fair with modern-day thrills.

Special Events

Throughout the year, the Boardwalk serves as a stage for various events. From summer concerts to festivals and parades, there’s a communal spirit that celebrates family and fun.

Dining on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Variety of Options

From casual beachfront cafes to more upscale dining options, families can choose the experience that best suits their mood. Options range from quick bites to sit-down meals that invite you to relax and watch the waves.

Snacks and Treats

No Boardwalk adventure is complete without indulging in classic beach treats. Ice cream stands, candy shops, and the ever-popular funnel cakes provide the sweet, quick energy needed to power a day of exploration.

Sharkey’s: A Family Dining Experience

Location and Ambiance

With its prime oceanfront spot, Sharkey’s offers diners unparalleled views of the Atlantic. The ambiance is casual yet enchanting, ideal for families looking to unwind and dine amidst the natural beauty of the coast.

Menu Highlights

Sharkey’s menu is a testament to the area’s bountiful offerings. Seafood dishes celebrate the ocean’s harvest, while burgers and salads provide variety. For the little ones, a dedicated kids’ menu ensures even the pickiest eaters leave happy.

Special Features

Sharkey’s understands family dining down to the details — from kid-friendly utensils to coloring pages that keep the young ones busy as the adults savor their meals. The staff is trained to cater to families, ensuring a seamless dining experience from start to finish.

Combining Dining with Boardwalk Fun

Meal Times and Boardwalk Activities

Start the day with a hearty breakfast at Sharkey’s before hitting the beach, or refuel with a lunch that’ll keep you energized for the afternoon’s activities. As the day winds down, there’s nothing like a Sharkey’s dinner to cap off a perfect Myrtle Beach day.


Its central location makes Sharkey’s an easy stop. No matter where your Boardwalk adventures take you, Sharkey’s is just a short walk away, ready to welcome you with a refreshing drink, a delicious meal, and a relaxing atmosphere.

Tips for Families

To make the most of your Myrtle Beach Boardwalk experience, consider these tips: Plan ahead, stay hydrated, and protect yourself from the sun. Sharkey’s offers a variety of non-alcoholic beverages perfect for rehydration and a comfortable environment to cool off and rest.

The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is a corridor of delights, and Sharkey’s is its culinary heart. Whether you’re looking for thrilling rides, unique gifts, or simply a day spent in the company of sand and surf, the Boardwalk offers a family-friendly adventure like no other. And when it’s time to dine, Sharkey’s awaits with open doors, delicious food, and views that turn a simple meal into a cherished memory. Embark on a journey of fun, sun, and delectable dining at the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk with a visit to Sharkey’s. A place where every dish comes with a side of ocean breeze, and every visit becomes a special occasion. Join us at Sharkey’s, where the best of Myrtle Beach comes together under one roof — your family’s table awaits!